F the holy spirit ain’t got a pen.

guys, it happened.

Today, I’m wearing no make up, laying in bed in my pajamas and watching documentaries. All. Day. It’s glorious. 

Sep. 18

& the outtakes 😂 

Aunties boy 😍 

I’m just really sad because I was so hopeful about this job, I’ve literally wanted to do it since I was at least six. it’s my fucking dream. but my shop is just so badly run and unprofessional, so unprepared, I can’t do it anymore. it’s soul crushing.

I’m getting schwasted tonight and this is the most excited I’ve been for anything in a long time 

Sep. 17


Can someone just send me something like this already

everyone I’ve told about me quitting in the next few months has told me “good”

Sep. 16